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The Mutual Influence of Mind, Body and Spirit


Mankind is a holistic beings with three dimensions; physical, mental, and spiritual.  All three of these need to be harmoniously developed and maintained in order for a person to be whole.  When in balance, these three elements of our being work in harmony for health and happiness.

To understand this better, let's examine the close, intimate relationship and mutual influence that exists between them;

How can our mind and spirit affect our body?

For example, your blood pressure goes up when you are nervous or upset.

Also, depression suppresses the immune system.

If you are discouraged and depressed you won't get up and move around as much, which effects your health.

How can our body affect our spirit?

Health factors effect the function of the frontal lobe of the brain which is associated with judgment, life interests and spirituality.  Brain injury, chemicals, alcohol all can effect the frontal lobe and result in behavior changes, and/or decreased interest in participating in things.

A close relationship between the stomach and brain due to the phrenic nerve and also gut bacteria which release chemicals.  This is being confirmed by research more and more.  So, what you eat and drink can literally affect your mind!

Examples of the body affecting the spirit;

If you smile in a genuine way it will cause you to feel happy

If you keep good posture you will feel more dignity and confidence as well as breathe deeper, which promotes more oxygen to the brain and reduces the acid condition in the body (because you breathe off more hydrogen).

Sunshine and fresh air can help us to feel happy.  People often sit in dark rooms with stagnant blood circulation, breathing dust mites and formaldehyde from furniture – it’s no wonder there’s a lot of depression!

Getting active and outdoors can reduce depression – (as long as it doesn’t involve aggressive competition, which causes stress hormone release).

What are some things that can put a burden on the spirit and thus cause disease of the body?

Discouragement or depression – may make you feel like not getting out of bed, for example, so you exercise and move less, loose muscle tone, blood doesn’t circulate freely.

Faulty thought patterns, stress response to problems (making mountains out of mole hills) all can cause toxic stress hormone release that contribute to heart disease, high BP, etc.

Sin and guilt (example of the paralytic Jesus healed by saying “thy sins be forgiven thee”).

How can inspiration provide purpose and joy to living that will help the mind, body and spirit?

Having a purpose and mission to help others provides one of the greatest joys in life.  It's a mistake to think that living for yourself will bring happiness.

Someone who loves to reach out to, share with or cares for other people  (and/or animals) without expecting anything in return will be strong and happy!

Find ways to reach out and get involved - you'll begin to experience the greatest purpose for living!


Out of the heart springs the issues of life, so it's essential to nurture the mind, body and spirit in order to find true healing.