HydroBlog March 23, 2020

Combating COVID-19: Practical Suggestions

Balancing Circulation with Hydrotherapy

Here is a brief explanation to help you better understand some of the healthy effects on circulation that hydrotherapy can have. Much research has shown that inflammation is a factor involved in many chronic disease processes. Our unhealthful habits can often be a cause of inflammation also. If you consider what inflammation looks like on your skin, such as with a pimple, you can see that inflammation is closely related to blood congestion...


The heat, redness, pain and localized swelling caused by any inflammation are all signs of blood congestion in the local tissues. So when inflammation is going on long-term inside the body, such as with chronic diseases, it means there is also blood congestion involved- and that can impede good blood circulation.


Besides this, many things we do may contribute to chronic internal blood congestion as well. For example, things such as caffeine, nicotine, stress/anxiety or nervousness, chronic exposure to cold air, and wearing tight or restrictive clothing can all cause reduced blood circulation or constriction of peripheral blood vessels.


Doing hydrotherapy, such as taking a hot foot bath, can help to reduce blood congestion in the internal organs by drawing extra blood down to the feet, thus allowing the blood to flow more freely throughout the rest of the body. When your feet turn pink it is drawing blood away from other areas in your body that might be congested.


Sweating helps to get rid of toxins and waste products within the body and is a good indicator of increased peripheral vasodilation occurring at the same time through the body’s thermoregulatory responses, which also reduces internal blood congestion.


See also the Hot Foot Bath page for full instructions and more details about the effects and benefits of taking a hot foot bath, as well as references.


If you haven't done it before, you might want to give it a try!